Android Waifu 21

android21 humanHappy Waifu Wednesday! I just recently beat Dragon Ball FighterZ and figured that I would feature Android 21 for today’s waifu! Android 21 from the game… well… everything about her is a huge spoiler from the game, so here’s your last chance to stop reading before I spoil Dragonball Fighter Z’s story a little.

Android 21, apparently, used to be Dr. Gero’s wife, and the mother to the person that Android 16 was based off of.  Whether or not Android 21 and her backstory becomes canon in Super remains to be seen, but already she is heavily involved with established lore.

As an android, 21 does not really seem to remember much of her past, but she has feelings about things from it? Also, she apparently used the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back the worst enemies from Dragon Ball Z… so now… The Z fighters have to stop them? And there are evil mindless clones? *sigh* Just play all 3 story arcs of Dragon Ball FighterZ, okay? It wont make sense, but it is fun.

So… how about some pictures from it?

Dragon-Ball-FighterZAt this point it seems like I forgot to mention that she transforms into a super evil form that looks kind of like Majin Buu but less tentacle head and more attractive with a tail, huh? I would feel worse about dropping that major bombshell, except for the fact that it was already spoiled online with scans from a Japanese publication.

I do want to not that both of her forms were designed by Akira Toiyama himself, so there is a small chance that 21 might become canon, possibly after Dragon Ball Super’s hiatus. Still a very small chance though.

27459722_2004094849619733_1827414083112881185_nAwesome cosplayer Sosenka has succeeded in not just cosplaying as Android 21 really quickly after the game’s release, but doing so in her Buu form. Now, this is just a makeup test and not a finished cosplay… but even so, it looks fantastic. Luckily for her, she already cosplays a very impressive Kid Buu so I’m sure she was able to reuse the things such as the pants and belt.

For some more of her amazing cosplay, you can see some of the amazing work she did just right around 2017 on her facebook page. Her Youtube Channel only has 4 videos up, but the cosplay in them all looks amazing! Below is video of her Kid Buu in action!


Urusei Yatsura cosplay

lum_9_by_insane_pencil-d7hs8t3Last year was quite the shake up, when the world discovered that Alisa Kiss, known very well for her cosplay of Lum from Urusei Yatsura, was caught on video at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA with her boyfriend.

So… who are guys supposed to perv over these days to women wearing tiger print bikini’s, green hair, and ogre horns? A picture of Alisa is still in the top 5 cosplayer results on Deviant art when you search for it… so who are the other ones?

Yaya Han? This cosplay photo came from 2002, which feels like yesterday but was in shocking reality was 16 years ago. I think Lum is that age, so that is just…. hell of depressing, ya know?


The next one, MoguCosplay, is from 2010. Her cosplay is also literally the next 3 photos on deviantart.


So… who will rise to the ocassion, and be The NEXT Lum cosplayer to rocket to super stardom? Will it happen, or is this anime just… not worth cosplaying as? Here is hoping that that is not the case.



cold conOne week ago I went into the blistering cold and risked my health to go to MAGFEST in MD… or what I’m dubbing cold con. Not because of the frigid temperature thanks to the huge winter storm that happened right around the same time, but because it felt like they left many of us out in the cold, hotel wise. After getting a badge ASAP online, and making my roommate get the room while I was at work ASAP, I ended up 19 miles away. I spent over $60 in Lyft expenses over the weekend. I would have done better in not trusting MAGFest, and getting a hotel room on my own months before. Their system needs work, because I want to do this convention correctly… but it seems like it wont unless the venue changes. but on to the actual convention it self.


Thursday? I skipped. Apparently there was a sick party up on one level of the floor, but my flight was in mid afternoon, and I was just sort of exhausted. If I had had a room at the Gaylord… I’m just saying… I’d have been there, easy.

The rest of MAGFEST was a blast. Like previous ones, there were signs and maps everywhere which is great considering that The Gaylord can feel a bit like a maze. The only location that ever seemed to really ‘disappear’ was The Arena. The Arena was the space where my roommate went for a circus training class, and he being a juggler… well it was right up his alley. I learned a clowning routine, reluctantly, and that was kind of awesome. For pictures of that, see the gallery below.

P1160324The cosplay was pretty top notch this year, which is what you would expect from a convention at The Gaylord. I believe Katsucon, which is an anime convention that happens in February at the same venue, might have more, but there was some great old school game costumes, such as the one to the left, which is from Skies of Arcadia: Legends. You might think that she is a Garudo from Breath of The Wild… like I did. But she is clearly Bellena. She won a bet when she asked me who she was cosplaying as, and I guessed a Garudo LIKE A FOOL! In my defense, the game costs $160 on Gamecube. Come on Sega! Still though, really cute, and a great cosplay.

P1160342So what else was there? Enough video games to choke a donkey… to death… and anyone who witnessed the event. From my time at 2016, The arcade room and the console room swapped places. Indie-cade is between both of them. The arcade might have been a little smaller this year due to weather preventing some items being shipped to the convention, but not 100% sure.

P1160440It’s hard to really judge this convention. I had a blast, but I do not know if I want to go again the next year. Improvements at this point are just not plausible. More hotel rooms? Let us order them at least before getting our badges? I guess I can stay 4 miles away down the road at a cheaper hotel on Oxen Hill… in an area my  previous years bus driver and uber driver both explained was not safe for a white guy to walk around at night but on the plus side that red roof in has a lot of prostitutes staying there? *sigh*

For more cosplay photos, visit my flickr album here, and here are some of the highlights from the convention below!



Going to Magfest today!

P1150362 Edit 1I just got off work, and I wont be really able to sleep because I have to catch a 7am flight to D.C. with one layover and yeah… MAGFEST! Not sure if I will ever ever do this convention again after this last year. I jumped through so many damn hurdles last year just trying to figure out when it was, when I could get my ticket, when my I could buy the hotel room, and then my roommate wasn’t even able to get any of the hotels around it while I was at work? Why did I work so damn hard for this trip if I’m still 19 miles away? I stayed closer when I was going it my own in 2016! *sigh*

P1150382MAGFEST is amazing though. Great panels, concerts, and the cosplay! I’ve never been to a convention before where there was so much Darkstalkers love! Maybe a Morrigan and a Felicia here and there… but Queen Bee? Okay… and a lot of Morrigans still… but progress!

Oh, and I was the photographer for a Steven universe photo shoot… some how… and that was cool too! Look!DSC00900 Edit

Anyways, for more on the MAGFest that I went to in 2016, here is the video that I made from then. Expect some more current MAGFest related content from this weekend!

Videos from Nightmare Nights

So, I guess this week will be an all My Little Pony week on my blog? Below are some of the videos I shot while at Nightmare Nights this year… may it Rest In Peace.

Closing Ceremonies

Cosplay Contest

Here’s some more videos from making the rounds on YouTube:

Some Concert stuff

Opening Ceremonies, which was against the rules to take video of

Closing Ceremonies

Sax guy playing off Nightmare Nights

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed my videos, as well as the many ones I tracked down!

Happy out of context Throw Back Thursday!

Thursday is an amazing day to just throwback to some more nostalgic times, shows, thoughts, etc. I decided to just share some images I’ve previously shared on my blog. Some are quite meaningful, while others less so but I still find them cool.

  1. The Doctor Who one is special, because it was Dorky, taken in my birth state of MS, and it recently helped me meet someone who I thought was… pretty nifty.
  2. The little comic under it, was from a Blog Post about GameStop, and I just think it’s a cool quick sketch of me?
  3. I really like this picture I took of Dugg Finn at Louisianime.
  4. Sailormoon meets steam punk photo was quite cool from an Oni-Con YEARS ago.
  5. Member Holiday in Aculpoco from Pokemon? I used to have banned episodes from it on VHS. Good times.
  6. I like I Dream of Jeannie, and her sister was evil… but damn if that green outfit wasn’t cute.
  7. Galaxy Express 999 was amazing, and it reminds me of how coll/weird it was to see it when I was younger..
  8.  I have worked on two pony fanarts of friends, and the other one was my first OC I believe. The first one was of my friend Julie’s Transformers Animated OC alongside an OC I made of her husband David named Dashing Husband. The second one was something I did for/of an ex. The third one(?) was just a cool character that I named Doodles. While I was living with my dad, I made some Gaming with Sean videos for the first time, and well…
  9. Ice Ocean wasn’t a real NES game, but it’s one of my favorites from a bootlegged bunch of nes games in a controller?
  10. A-kon 16 was my first A-kon of two, and yeah… not awesome, but one of the best Pose Offs ever? I did them under the banner of NetSenshi, and none of the people behind the table really hang out these days, to my knowledge? Take pictures kids!

Mermaids of Color

Probably Not Sam – Clownfish Babe

I figured that my first post back from Hurricane Harvey would be a Mer-Monday one. Due to the politically charged state of our country though, I figured that I would go ahead and also make it one about mermaids of color…  so… Hey!


The first one is the one to the left. It is titled ‘Clownfish Babe,’ and it looks pretty adorable.

Interesting note about Clownfish, they change genders if there are no females in their area. Huh. Nature finds a way I suppose, but it makes you re-think Finding Nemo, huh?


I found this pic from tumblr user Pow-pow-pow-power. She is very pretty, and I love the snail shells that she has around her. Very classy.

mermaids_caraMermaid Syrena – Cara Nicole Neo, a Singaporean woman who is a mermaid performer who had this picture posted in 2013 on Yahoo Lifestyle. The article is pretty cool, and I think that her… mersona? Yeah… going with Mersona. Her mersona is really pretty with the purple tail.

Youtuber UnicornJessie G posted this video of herself in Puerto Rico showing off her mermaid tail. First part might look a little awkward, but hey… that’s what it’s like to move around in a mermaid tail. Still though, some pretty cool shots.

mercycleNow that I think about it, the woman who was a mermaid in the Piers Anthony novel from 1991, Mercycle, was Chinese. Basically there was this organization that was testing being a mermaid under water because they had thought that Earth was beyond repair and that they would have to eventually go to…. now forgive me if I mess this up, but Jupiter? An There instead of having fins they would instead have wings? Whatever, I read it when I was in middle school and knowledge from this book actually helped me in history class the next year, surprisingly, so let’s look pass it’s weird science. It was a decent book?

mistymmOh, and here’s everyone’s favorite one that they had a crush on when they were in middle school, Kasumi… err… Misty, from Pokemon! I like her manga version than her anime version.

mistymI mean, there is nothing wrong with this anime version, and both totally count due to the fact that almost everyone who is not Lt. Surge from Pokemon R/B/Y is Asian, but I just like the idea that this is what happens when a Magikarp gobbles up the lower half of a woman… sort of like when a Cloyster bites a Slowpoke and they turn into a Slowbro, I guess. But with a middle school aged girl? Whatever.

So, four fictional and two ‘real’ mermaids of color. I’m sure I should have found some more awesome ones, but hey… leave me some comments about some, and I will try to post about it in a later Mer-Monday post.