Teen Titans GO Movie



Did X-Men The Animated Series get a movie? Gargoyles? BATMAN?! Okay… maybe that last one… several times of different levels of quality… let me backtrack…

Apparently Cartoon Network has chosen now to release a movie for their super popular show Teen Titans Go, which makes sense because it is has been dominating their schedule lately while main stays like Steven Universe, Adventure time, etc… are barely ever shown. So yay Teen Titans movie?

I’d be excited if it was for literally any other show almost. Ed Edd & Eddy reunion movie? SURE! World of Gumball? Haven’t seen much of it, but why not? Power Puff Girls? No…. you had one already too… when you were a good property.

I just wish that The Original Teen Titans show would come back as a movie, ya know? I mean, they have the voice actors… obviously… and DC loves making direct to DVD movies… but sure. Teen Titans Go… Theatrical Movie. Maybe it’s satirical and will be the next Lego Batman movie?

Fuck 2018.


Proper Endings in Animation

manspider-sixarmsuniverseI was watching a review for the Disney show Gravity Falls, and it mentioned something great about it… that it does have a proper ending. I think that that’s one of the things that have lacked from a lot of cartoons my entire life.

One of my favorite cartoons, 90’s Spider-Man, ended with the main character in a portal going on a quest to save Mary Jane… but the show ended before that happened. Sure… supposedly Spider-Man Unlimited is supposed to be the same Spider-Man… but it isn’t.

Graduation_dayX-Men The Animated Series was allowed to end with, sort of, a proper ending. It had a different animation style, a short season, and ends with a cliffhanger of sorts… Xavier goes to space so the Shiar can heal him, and Magneto is left with The X-Men after Morph finally re-joins the team! Sort of a happy ending, right? That’s… something.

Batman The Animated Series morphed into so many different shows ending with Justice League Unlimited. I guess it ended with Batman Beyond though, in more ways than one though.

mylittleponyposterMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, rumored to end in a couple of years, maybe gets to end. Hopefully. It remains to be seen, but if DHX ends the show and reboots the brand without making people have to question, “is this the same show, but looks different like Beast Wars turning into Beast Machines?”

Seriously… that show sucked. Or Spider-Man Unlimited… which was, once again, a show that made me scratch my head and say ‘This is not what I wanted.’

RanmaMem1Gargoyles? Well… it has a 13 episode first season, 52 episode second season, and a 13 episode spin off that no one acknowledges including the creator. They tried to bring it back as a comic? But that didn’t end well either.

Reboot? Ended on a cliffhanger because they were being canceled.

Ranma 1/2? It had… a decent ending, but Ranma is as he started out… cursed, and still not married.

Please… if Friendship is Magic has to end, please just let it actually end.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

10-17-2017_2-32-33_PMI haven’t really been watching anything lately, as I’ve been playing a lot of South Park: Fractured But Whole. This follow up to South Park: The Stick of Truth is pretty interesting, and I love what it says about gender, race, etc. but dislike the minor bugs/glitches in this game. Also, I’ve had to do things… terrible things that I was not okay with… which, you know… that’s South Park!

10-21-2017_1-22-05_AMI hope Ubisoft takes this engine, which is a pretty good tactics based RPG, and makes more games possibly outside of Matt and Trey’s South Park Cartoon… say… My Little Pony maybe? Something that isn’t so surprisingly sad and depressing as this game…Oh, also there is a my little pony reference or two in this game, so come on…

10-21-2017_1-47-03_AMI know they are purposely trying to make me feel sad about my character, ‘The New Kid,’ but darn it… it is working. Also, I feel bad for some character in this town, especially Kenny’s sister. She has a fake window with a bright and happy sun outside. Kenny is a good older brother to her, and I feel he helps shelter her from their sad reality.

Expect a full review of South Park: The Fractured But Whole at a later date.


World Destroyer

This group is trying to raise an additional $300,000 to complete their animated film, World Destroyer. If you feel like contributing to their animated film, which looks cool, they are crowdfunding through indiegogo here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-destroyer-a-2d-animated-feature-film-animation#/
Note that the $35 tier gets you a Digital Copy + Screen Credit while the $50 tier gets you that plus a hard copy of the film.

Gargoyle Elisa Maza commission

elisa_gargoyle_by_cluedog-dbqrckhElisa Maza from Gargoyles was an amazing character. She was voiced by Salli Richardson who would later star in the show Eureka. Anyways, Elisa was a human detective on the show, and the liaison of the Gargoyles group to the 20th century as well as humans in general. Without her, humans are just monsters that manipulate you like David Xanatos, and it would be very easy to have them turn against humanity without her inclusion.

The character had such an impact on me, that one of my commissions from ClueDog, also known as Smooch among certain groups, was Gargoyle Elisa Maza, which can be seen to the left.

Elisa_GargoyleElisa Maza DID become a Gargoyle in one episode, thanks to the trickster Puck, in the season 2 episode ‘The Mirror.’ Massive spoiler there, but thought it was required for context.

The episode is important due to it cementing the idea that Goliath and Elisa are attracted to each other, but they also should not be, since they are such different creatures.

ClueDog did a great job, and I enjoy the piece. Maybe next time I will commission a piece featuring human Demona, which yeah… it is so weird that I find the human more attractive as a gargoyle, and the gargoyle more attractive as a human… but I do.

My little Hakusho

yuyuToday we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Yu Yu Hakusho! On October 10, 1992December 17, 1994 they made an anime adaptation of the manga of the manga that ran from December 3, 1990 – July 25, 1994.

For almost 27 years, the world has had the adventures of Yusuke Urameshi and his friends in one form or another, and that’s pretty darn awesome.

MLPList01Also today is the 7th anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The series premiered on October 10, 2010, on The Hub, and it is currently in theaters. It is the 4th generation of My little Pony, going back to it’s first cartoon that took place in 1986, and before that it was a toy line called My Pretty Pony going back to 1981.

Please note that this My Pretty Pony has nothing to do with the Stephen King short story by the same name in 1989. I mean, how awesome would that be if it was though?