Things feel… different?

Something feels off. Osama Bin Laden is dead. I got a shiver down my body when I heard this. People often forget about the war in Afghanistan, and finding Osama had been just a joke until now. Maybe we focused on other things, I don’t know.

He’s dead, but I felt better when I heard that Sadam Hussein was dead, as he was in control of a country and removing him actually was progress towards something. I kind of feel like I’m going through motions then emotions. I painted my car up tastefully last night. I’m the only one on the road who did this it seems. No one has a flag out on my street. Not one. I tell a co-worker who hadn’t heard the news and she was all “You know there are other ones out there, right?” of course I do. America needs something to feel good about right now more than ever though. Osama Bin Laden, while not the biggest current threat to America, and possibly not even a threat at all by the time we got him, was a horrible man. Hey killed and terrorized the entire world over. I honestly feel that removing him from this Earth is justice, and it should be celebrated.

I know that his death may only be symbolic to some. I should be okay with this. Maybe people are just so damn sick of this post 9-11 world, nothing has meaning anymore. Perhaps it’s just too little, too late.

Maybe we wont be better until ground zero has something on it. Maybe just rebuilding the towers and having business as usual is the only way to get back to normal. After all, one man dead doesn’t bring people back to life, nor will it make our airport security more subtle.


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