Kevin Lillard

ImageKevin Lillard is a man who from 1998 – 2009 was best known as the man behind the popular cosplay photography site Fans View. In 2009, due mostly to health related problems, Kevin left the anime convention scene. He continued as a journalist until he lost his job recently. Mr. Lillard has fallen on hard times, and in different circles the internet has been a buzz about his situation as well as ways to help him.

I joined the convention world in 2004, and later the cosplay scene in 2005. He was there to take photos of my very first cosplay, The Poison Mushroom. He was also there to take photos of my Link costume at his last convention in 2009. There was a situation at Ikki-con 3 in 2009 that caused a misunderstanding. Some bonehead, (myself), posted a video of said situation, hoping that someone out there could explain what had just happened. Long story short, my youtube video helped end Fans View that weekend.

Since then, so many things have happened. The internet has made the world so small. My friends have gone on to run conventions, veteran photographers have perfected their craft, newer ones seem to be sprouting like wildfire, and 4-chan is de facto king of the Internet. Cosplayers used to flock to Fans View in order to see photos as well as find out when the next convention near them was. Now? They flock to an image board to bitch about a woman who is paid to cosplay as a video game mascot, as well as share nudes of their favorite person to torture because the latter makes it so easy. The convention world seems like it’s grown a little darker since Kevin Lillard shut his site down.

While I was no blogger of any sort back in 2009, my friends have told me to stop being such a narcissist. I didn’t ruin Kevin Lillard by posting a video. I’d honestly like to believe that. In his hour of need, I write this not to beg for forgiveness from him but to encourage others to help this man who was there for some of our best memories. Let us remember him at his best, and return the generosity he always gave us.

Information about where to donate money, as well as to see his archived photoshoots, can be seen here:

Well wishes and any other help can be sent to him via his face book page here:

2 thoughts on “Kevin Lillard

  1. Sirry but i still dont understand what exactly made the site shut down? What did he do or what did people think he did?

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